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South Coast Audiology
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 by DO
Thanks very much, Dr. Davis

Dear Dr. Davis,

I'm very grateful for your help, attention and service. My new hearing aids are outstanding and you've been very willing to help me understand what are the benefits of the new technologies, what use I can give to them and why. Also, you took your time to understand my personal hearing needs; I didn't even know that a person's character would determine a way of adjusting and using the hearing aids in such a deep way, I had a more shallow point of view. It's not only been very helpful but very instructive.

Now I can use my new hearing aids in the most dynamic way. With my previous hearing aids and my lack of knowledge about their possible uses I was missing a lot. Now I'm enjoying them so much. The noise reduction feature is really a savior.

Again, thank you Dr. Davis.

 by Joe
Thank you Dr. Davis!

Dr. Davis is an outstanding audiologist. She combines her ability to listen to her patients’ needs with her comprehensive knowledge of audiology. The result for me has been remarkable. Dr. Davis programmed my hearing aids with individualized settings that enable me to hear while teaching in a college classroom, participate in conversations in noisy as well as quiet environments. She has been consistently available to fine tune and adapt as needed. Thank you Dr. Davis for the gift of hearing.

 by Carl
The Best

Dr. Davis is the consummate professional. With so many audiologists or would-bees, one often is confused and unsure of where to go for your hearing problem.

The big box store is not the best bet for quality service and follow up. You'll find that one visit is not enough and to maintain hearing and the aids you paid for, you need a doctor who cares and insures your hearing stays at it's best.

Give doctor Davis a try. I think you find a caring, detail oriented, skilled health partner.

 by MG
Even in a crowded room!

Dear Dr. Davis,

Thank you for such a nice evening at the wine and cheese gathering. We enjoyed the wine, the food and spending time with some delightful people!

(And I’m always so thankful that I can now hear conversations even in a crowded room!)

Hope to see you soon for my yearly check-up.



 by J & F
Unique and fun evening

Dear Dr. Rose Marie,

What a unique and fun evening it was spending time at your special wine event and meeting so many interesting people!

That is the first event we’ve ever attended with so many people wearing hearing aids. Guess we can still socialize and enjoy ourselves with a unique group of people!!!

You’re not only a good doctor but plan great parties and have a beautiful daughter!

The winery was a great spot to see and enjoy their glasses of wine also. We thank you for a unique and enjoyable time!!!

Warmest wishes always.

 by Bonnie
She is simply the best.

The first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night are my hearing aids, thanks to the excellent care provided by Dr. Davis. I hear well and I'm comfortable in social gatherings even though I'm 95. She is simply the best.

 by Arnold
Dr. Davis is a class act

I have had a hearing problem for a number of years. Dr. Davis is the best clinician I've consulted.

Not only is she always available should a problem arise, she has generously been willing to help others even when their hearing aides were fitted by another audiologist.

She is truly a class act.

 by Trisha
You are a Life Saver!

I will try to keep this in very few words as possible, but it will be hard, as Dr. Rose Marie literally saved my life. She introduced me to my dual hearing aides, when I thought there would be no hope.

I had a tumor removed in my left ear twice when I was in my

thirties. I had very little hearing left, and had no hope of an implant since part of my eardrum was destroyed. Dr. Robert Pettis insisted that I at least give a hearing aid a try.

He referred me to Dr. Rose Marie, who not only gave me hearing in both ears. But introduced me to the "com pilot" which, Without, I don't know what I would do.

I play competitive bridge, and it is a life saver. I can tune out surrounding noise, if I wish.

When I receive phone calls, they go directly to my hearing aides. When I arrive home, my television sound goes directly to my hearing aides, allowing me to keep the sound turned off as to not disturb the neighbors.

It takes a little time to adjust your aides to everything, and Dr. Rose Marie has never failed to be there when I need her.

Well, so much for a few words. I can't say enough about the dedication she puts forth for her patients. I LOVE her!!!!!

 by Carmela
Caring and Experienced

We love Dr. Davis! She is very knowledgeable about everything related to hearing loss. She really cares about her patients and fitted me so well for the severe hearing loss that I have. I have referred her to others and do not hesitate to recommend her in the future.