Children and infants are among the millions of Americans affected by hearing loss. Hearing loss should be addressed in children and infants because they are learning to understand spoken language and learning to speak. A disruption in this development can have consequences such as a delay in speaking.

pediatric hearing loss

There are many causes of hearing problems for children that range from mild to severe loss. A child could be born with hearing loss or it could occur as a result of illness or allergies. We offer a full range of services that include testing the hearing of infants, children and older children. In addition to diagnosing hearing loss, we can also assist with hearing aid evaluations and fittings.

Seek immediate medical attention if you notice the child has sudden hearing loss, severe pain in their ears, fever that accompanies the infection or visible fluid draining from the ear. If your child is experiencing problems with hearing, please contact us at 949-558-8035 to schedule an appointment.