Hearing Aid FAQ

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What’s the next step after being diagnosed with hearing loss?

If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss, you should see an audiologist to have your hearing ability evaluated. An audiologist will visually inspect the ears and test your hearing through various tests.

What is a hearing evaluation?

An audiologist will visually inspect the ears and perform an evaluation that may include a tympanometry, pure tone, speech threshold and recognition, and auditory function tests. These tests will compile an evaluation that documents your hearing ability, cause of any loss and suggested treatment.

Is wearing a hearing aid bad?

If a hearing aid is prescribed for your hearing loss, there are many options that range from small and discreet to compatible with lifestyle activities such as swimming. In fact, not using a hearing aid will affect your quality of life more. If you have concerns with using a hearing aid, speak with a audiologist to find the best hearing aid style for your life.

Where can I buy hearing aids?

Hearing aids can be purchased from several different sources including retail establishments, audiology or otolaryngology practices, and online. Though hearing aids can be purchased from anywhere, an audiologist can evaluate your hearing needs and lifestyle to match you with a compatible aid. They fit the hearing aid to your ear for maximum comfort and optimal use. An audiologist can also teach you daily maintenance of your device, common repairs and inspect your device for damage repairs.

What are assistive listening devices?

Assistive listening systems (ALS) or assistive listening devices (ALD) are amplifiers that bring sound to the ear and separate sounds such as speech from background noise. ALSs improve speech to noise ratio improving the level of understanding for people who have problems distinguishing speech in noise to the same level as people with normal hearing ability.

They use a microphone, transmission technology, and a device for receiving the signal and bringing sound to the ear. The types of ALDs include telephone, FM, infrared and inductive loop. With the exception of telephone amplifiers, ALDs broadcast sound wirelessly.

As with any hearing aid accessory, a hearing professional can help you decide which ALD is right for you.