Hearing Aid Repairs


South Coast Hearing Specialists can assist you with your hearing aid repairs. Hearing aids are sophisticated instruments despite their small size. Their electronic components are housed in shells that often come into contact with heat, moisture and earwax – all of which can cause damage.

Hearing Aid Repairs Laguna NIguelRegular Upkeep Extends Life

By taking the time to clean and service your hearing aids on a normal basis, you can prevent problems from developing and extend their life. Clean and care for your hearing aids at home with a soft dry cloth and be sure to take them to your audiologist every few months for a “clean and check” appointment.

Hearing Aid Repairs and Maintenance

Even with regular maintenance, hearing aid repairs may be needed, especially if you have had them for more than five years. The team at South Coast Hearing Specialists is here to assist you with any repair needs you may have.