South Coast Hearing Specialists

At South Coast Hearing Specialists Laguna Niguel we specialize in comprehensive diagnostic testing for pediatrics and adults, Auditory Processing Disorders and rehabilitation of hearing loss, including hearing aid fittings. Our audiologist, Dr. Davis, has spent many years studying the communication deficits related to hearing loss and has been a longstanding advocate of using the latest technology and research information to bridge the gap between the hearing and hearing impaired populations.

hearing specialists laguna niguelAs a board-certified hearing specialist, Dr. Davis conducts full hearing evaluations and fits state-of-the art hearing aids and assistive listening devices in the treatment and rehabilitation of hearing loss. Dr. Davis works with a variety of reputable manufacturers and products to offer you excellent choices that will fit your needs, lifestyle and budget. South Coast Hearing Specialists provides a full array of hearing aid styles and technology, including the latest designs that are 100% invisible.

Audiology Services:

  • Complete hearing evaluations for children and adults.
  • Assessment of middle ear function.
  • Fitting of a wide variety of state of the art hearing aids at competitive prices.
  • Tinnitus evaluation and management.
  • Auditory Processing Evaluations.
  • Rehabilitative training programs for patients with hearing loss or speech understanding problems.
  • Educational audiology services.
  • Custom ear molds for hearing protection, swim plugs, headphones, Bluetooth headsets, etc.
  • Musician ‘s hearing protection and monitors.
  • Solutions for telephone and television difficulties.

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